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As long as the river flows ...

Western tradition is deep-rooted and strong.

Sandcastle hogsback along Lake Diefenbaker south of Beechy

The sand castle hogs-back, Beechy, SK

The sandcastle badlands south of Beechy, bordering Lake Diefenbaker.

The Jacket: Gil Watson

Bison hunt at the Aiktow sand hills, Hind expedition,1858

Survey camp at The Elbow, 1871

Photo by Lorraine Korbo of the original Mistaseni cairn at Elbow

Arrow-Smith map of North America 1805

December 1966 the Big rock, the Mistaseni, blown up by a PFRA crew.

Chief Poundmaker's grave, with fragments of the Mistaseni, the big rock of the Aiktow.

Ceremony at the big rock 1966

Map of the Elbow area

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