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A must read for all Sask people.

Reviewed in Canada on February 26, 2020

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This is a wonderful book. As a farm boy raised in southern Sask, it is easy for me to relate to the scenery so beautifully described. I spent much time as a kid on the small remaining patch of prairie grass on our Frontier farm which led to the discovery of a tipi ring as well as a tomahawk. In my older years my work connected me with many First Nations people. This book brings brings new insight to our heritage.

5.0 out of 5 stars Loved this book!

Reviewed in Canada on January 5, 2020

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I loved this book. It’s beautifully written. I was swept up into the lives of the characters and felt sad when I finished the book. It will be an annual read with Tisha, Mrs. Mike, and Christy! 5.0 out of 5 stars A descriptive, poignant story

Reviewed in the United States on February 22, 2020

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An enjoyable read. Even though the story flips from past to present, the author is able to lead the reader clearly and easily through place and time. Her descriptions of people and landscapes allow the reader to know the characters and places. Highly recommended!

On 49th Shelf:

As a retired senior English Language Arts teacher, I recommend only the best literature. Joan Soggie has written a very accessible, solidly based novel that should be widely read.

PRAIRIE GRASS draws together the First Nation and Metis experience in Southern Saskatchewan with the settlers who arrived in a sensitive telling of their stories. She has successfully created a work that invites discussion and reflection for present day readers.

This novel would be appropriate also for students from grades 8 to 12. It is easy to read with meaningful content. Available from Amazon in either paperback or ebook.



I read a lot of historical fiction most of which I seek out from a favorite cadre of authors. Sometimes, however, I get requests out of the blue from authors who have somehow stumbled upon my humble review blog. Joan Soggie is one of those, and her book Prairie Grass was a stunning surprise. It's one of those books that not only entertained and educated me, it also touched my heart. I was intrigued by the subject matter - a look at the vast western prairies and how they have changed over the thousands of years they've been inhabited by a variety of flora, fauna, and men. It coincides to a good degree with my own writing about America's past in terms of the treatment of the native tribes affected by an expanding nation. I particularly enjoyed the development of the protagonist, Gabby, as she is introduced to subject matter that reaches far beyond the mandate of her research project. The going back and forth between the stories of Eric and of Jean-Jacques captures the readers imagination; draws them into the ever changing landscape, the ever changing values. This was indeed time well spent - I will end with a quote from Gabby (one that mirrors my own thoughts) "I was angry. Angry at an educational system that taught us while maintaining our comfortable ignorance. Angry at my country that touted itself as being fair, open-minded and welcoming while denying most of us its true history. " I highly recommend Prairie Grass. 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐(less)



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